about me

A native of Mantua, Silvia Caimi studied Literature, Byzantine, Medieval and Modern Art. Later she earned a Master in Economics at the University of Languages and Communication Sciences of Milan.
Her passion for painting and her natural talent drove her to rigorous and methodic artistic research, with a particular interest in the human figure. A keen attention to drawing and composition allows her to achieve sculptural effects of fluid volumes fading into emotion. This reveals a continuos tension leading to an inner investigation, a suggestion that “I’m the center of this mysterious, dreamlike yet real world”.
Silvia Caimi has partecipated in numerous national and international exhibitions, and received many prestigious awards, among them the Medal of Artistic Merit from the President of Republic of Italy.

After exhibiting in London and at the Spoleto International Art Fair, her work was selected to rapresent Italian artists abroad. She exhibited in Miami, Dubai, Dubrovnik and New York. Her work was rapresented at the Triennale di Roma 2017, and, in the same year, at Palazzo Ferrajoli in Rome to celebrate the Treaty of Rome and the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States.

In february 2018 she presented her solo show “JUMP” at at the Italian Institute of Culture in San Francisco.

Artist’s Statement

The theme of my artworks is JUMP, the physical effort to trascend human nature and essence. My artistic research is strongly conditionated by classical studies, specifically by Plotino’s Neoplatonic philosophical theories, which indicate that phenomena and forms are but a pale image, an imitation of something higher – the most authentic part of the true being.Through my work I seek to discover human nature through a reflection in the beauty of figures and bodies in motion where the athletic gesture rapresents a temporal passage and a moral evolution of man.’